Hanover Township Sewer Authority, Washington County, PA

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 30, 2017, THE HTSA OFFICE WILL ONLY BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS BETWEEN 9:30 A.M. AND 4:30 P.M.  Please plan accordingly.  Payments can be left in the mailbox, as it is checked several times per day.  Please do not leave cash in the mailbox.



The regular sewer board meeting scheduled for Monday, November 5, 2018, has been moved to the sewer plant located at 533 Bavington Road, Burgettstown, PA at 7 p.m.  Please contact the office if you wish to speak about an issue at any of the meetings.

HTSA customers will not be receiving the recent utilities tax rebate.  It does not apply to public entities such as authorities who are not permitted to charge tax.  It only applies to private investor-owned public utilities, such as PA American Water, under the PA Public Utility Commission.  Rebate information.

Beginning June 18, 2018, customers can now sign up for automatic withdrawals from their checking accounts to pay their HTSA sewer bills!  Information and the form to sign up are in the “Forms and Information” tab.

The customer portal is now fully open for customers to view their account and payment histories, sign up for e-billing, or pay sewer bills with checking accounts, credit or debit cards.  The link to the portal is on every page of this website.  Payments with an e-check, credit and debit card still accepted through the “Pay My Bill” link, however it is recommended that all payments be made through the portal.  The reference number that the online payment systems are looking for is your account number, not the CID.  Please be sure you wish to pay Hanover Township Sewer Authority in WASHINGTON County, PA.

Due to issues with infiltration, a dye test is required in conjunction with the sale of property connected to the HTSA sewer system.  Information and the Dye Test Form can be found under Forms and Information.

HTSA has a new Fee Rate Schedule effective March 5, 2018, with an increased site visit fee.  You can find a copy under “Rate Schedule.”

Delinquencies lists can be found in Payment Information.  It can be expensive to have water service terminated for non-payment of sewer charges.  Some of the fees that will be added to the bill are:  priority mailing charges of $6.70 for each party notified, site visit fee for posting the notice on the door of $100, PAW shut off/turn on fees of $30 each, HTSA shut off and turn-on fees of $250 each, PAW lost revenue fee as determined by PAW, and legal fees, if necessary.

TIP: If you have a water leak, call PA American Water (PAW) and ask them for a credit.  If they give you a credit for that water leak, HTSA will give you an equal credit in gallons on your sewer bill.  The customer service number for PAW is 1-800-565-7292.

HTSA will soon begin connection enforcement proceedings with the local magistrate for those properties in Phase 2, Florence/Bavington Areas, in violation of Hanover Township Ordinance 106, mandating connection to the public sewer system.  These proceedings will continue until all properties that are required to connect to the sewer system make the proper connections.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Only those who have completed the mandatory training session are authorized by HTSA to pick up the grinder pumps and are approved to install the connections.  If you need a contractor to install your connection to the sewer system, HTSA is providing a list of the contractors it has authorized to install for Phase 2.  The list of contractors can be found on this site under “Forms and Information.”  Please be aware that HTSA cannot and does not endorse any contractor, but provides the list only for your information and convenience.  You enter into a contract with them at your own risk, so please make sure you understand the contract before signing it.  If our office receives complaints about a particular contractor, they may be flagged and/or removed from the list.  If you have any questions, please contact the office at 724-899-5055.